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Our Mission

To create a higher standard of Senior Living by providing premiere housing, care services, resources and advocacy for seniors, their loved ones and our community.

Senior Housing

Starting Point Adult Foster Care is the premier Adult Foster Care providing five star accommodations, care and services to seniors and their families. 


We know and value the importance of compassion and love when it comes to taking care of your loved one. 

We are located 1.5 west of Interstate 5 for easy family access.  If you would like to visit or learn more please click the link below. 

Resources and Education

Serving the communities of Linn and Benton Counties

Starting Point Senior living provides housing options, resources and education for seniors and families of Linn and Benton County.

We realize each individual is  seeking the best level of care and services available for their loved one.


From in-home care to Assisted living;  there are several options and opportunities to meet your need.  We provide a starting point so you don't have too.  

Call today to set up your consultation.


Improving lives through long-term

systematic change.

Where do you go when your loved one needs care in the later stages of their life?  Where do you start?  Who do you trust?

Starting Point is compiling the best resources for you and your loved one, so you don't have to wonder if you have all the information.  

Our connection to the community and compassion for you at this stage in life, will help you to make decisions based on your loved ones need. 

About Us

"Where care and advocacy collide."

It all started over coffee.  These two women met weekly for coffee to talk about their business and discuss how they could impact their communities.  

Liz having worked years in adult foster care, was struck by the stories Jennifer had to share from her time as a Senior Advocate; about the cost and limited options for most seniors going into assisted living and full time care.  

Jennifer and Liz having first hand  experience and extensive knowledge in caring and advocating for seniors decided to create what they believe to be the new standard of care in Adult Foster Living.

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